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Dan Oliver began collecting fine Art Deco years before he offered objects to the private sector. Ten years before he created Streamline Modern and to share his passion for 1930’s design, Dan Oliver considered himself a modern day Ruhlmann and to share his passion for Art Deco design, luxurious materials, and the quality craftsmanship epitomized by the best American and French Deco styles that captivated the first half of the 20th century.

In 1998, while simultaneously selling museum-quality pieces by famous artisans of the era. Streamline Modern was conceived, simultaneously launching his own interior design service and the Streamline Modern Collection of fully customizable, high-end fine Deco furniture, lighting, sculptures, relief panels, lighted wall partitions, fabric, murals and more.

Dan Oliver and Streamline Modern seeks only the most unique and one-of-a-kind quality pieces hand-crafted from the finest materials and craftsmanship. Dan continues to split his time between museum quality restorations, while offering custom objects that are often one of a kind of very limited of the best objects from the period. I have been collecting for over 30 years: without my exclusive sources around the world I believe, this would be impossible today.”

The Streamline Modern collection includes pieces by famous artisans and builders like Donald Deskey, Kem Weber, Gilbert Rohde, Jacques Emile Ruhlmann, Jean Dunand and others, This perfect manipulation between form and function provides objects far beyond design and function alone.

Streamline Modern Collection 

Dan Oliver launched his own Collection line in 1998 and has expanded it ever since. Our motto is “Where Imagination Becomes Reality”  Inspired by the objects that he has collected throughout his life – and especially those of American and French masters his aim was to create high-end and fully customizable Art Deco furniture as well as perfect models of very rare objects. The dimensions, woods, veneers, details and designs are all tailored to the tastes of the individual client. They can be as simple or complex  such as servo-motors employed to cleverly conceal unsightly modern necessities like flat-screen televisions, electrical outlets, or docks for digital devices.

Pieces from the Streamline Modern Collection are built through a process organized to guarantee the highest quality of materials, structure, and finish. They begin with the selection of rare and beautiful materials. Next, all work is conducted by skilled craftsmen and artisans who are formally educated in specialized areas of furniture production and other disciplines such as lighting design, sculpting or art and fabric design. The artisans work within different divisions in the factory, each purpose-built for the specific task at hand. The result is a piece that is elegant, harmonious, and ready for a lifetime of everyday enjoyment.

The dedication to our outstanding quality is evident in our attention to detail and the tradition of craftsmanship within our company. Such has become our signature within the design community.

We welcome you to our website and are looking forward to working directly with you!

Interior Design
Streamline Modern offers all-inclusive interior design services for homes, commercial spaces and yachts grounded in Dan Oliver's discerning eye for tailored structure and sophisticated beauty.

Streamline Modern has created projects all over the world ranging from art deco to various other styles. Dan brings a signature touch to all projects by employing his encyclopedic knowledge of Streamline Modern, Cubism, Constructivism, and Bauhaus (International style) to design spaces that achieve balance and harmony with respect to ornamentation and abstraction, classicism and modernism.

From the very start of your project, Streamline Modern works closely with the client to achieve a totally personalized individual experience. This begins in planning and continues through rendering, proposal, sourcing, and installation.

Please contact Dan Oliver with Streamline Modern to discuss your design needs.

Disclaimer...Purchases are sold “as is” with no representation or warranty of any kind from Streamline Modern. No guarantees or express warranties are made regarding their provenance. Buyers vary greatly and are responsible for satisfying themselves as to condition or any other matter concerning the property they choose to purchase. Purchases therefore are the sole responsibility of the buyer. As a courtesy, condition reports for any object is available however that is stated as opinion of Streamline Modern and therefore assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions contained in this website, blog and digital publications provided. Any such report is provided at the request of a buyer. Any statements made in this catalogue or in any condition report, whether orally or in writing are intended as statements of opinion only, are not to be relied upon as statements of fact and do not constitute representations or warranties of any kind. Seller has explained to the purchaser that there is no implied warranty, including any warranty of merchantability or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. A three day return policy is allowed on vintage objects but not on custom objects, and as such the buyer advances payment for all return shipping, and agrees to a 20% restocking fee if returned to Streamline Modern provided they are returned in the same condition as purchased. After the 3 day inspection period by the buyer, all sales are final retaining the items after such period is buyers determination that the purchase is acceptable. Buyers acceptance is final and items are deemed acceptable.